Part of 'The Brothers of Darkness Sun Alliance'.

RECRUITMENT STATUS: Recruiting PVE players/corps.

Read our recruitment advert and join us!

We have moved to 0.0 area of Detorid with our friends N3. We currently have plenty of space for:

  • Ratters/Missioners (its Angel space so Explosive ahoy)
  • Miners
  • Explorers
  • Manufacturers/Marketeers

If you have 5mill skill points or more and you are interested in PVE in 0.0 where everything is better

Come and have a chat with us ingame (tbi-recruit channel)

Our corporation

Our corporation is (currently) a small, but tight together corporation, the core leadership have been playing together for a few years now. We work together in null sec space to make ISK and have some fun.

We have a teamspeak server which is over primary way of communicating. But we also use the normal corporation chat channel and our own Jabber server to allow corp members to keep in touch out of game if they wish.

But I'm noob, will I be useful in NullSec?

Being new to the game is not a problem - You can bring a cruiser or battlecruiser out to our nullsec space and make 1million isk for each npc rat you shoot. Plus we can share our knowledge in all areas of EVE - making it very easy for your to play the game. We can guide you in the direction you want to go, answering questions about the game as we go along. Plus even though you are new to the game, you can participate in almost all activities from the start.

Making ISK

We make ISK in a number of ways....

Planetary interaction

We harvest planets for raw resources, we then refine / process into materials that we export to high sec and sell for a profit. all custom offices are shoot down so the tax could be lowered to 5% instead of 17%

Group/Solo mining

We form group mining groups and mine different astroid fields all over null sec space.

Or if you just fancy some peace on your own - you can also mine solo - the corp will also buy your ore if you want.

While we do so we enjoy each others company on over teamspeak server. Telling jokes, placing links to fun stuff, mess with each other, and what else we can think of. So group mining is definitely a fun experience.


As group mining we form groups to kill off pirates, and all the above also stands.


You can take part in the building of the big ships and take part of the profit generated by this. Building capital ships is a group effort, and can be a fun experience, if your into that kind of thing.

So what do we do when we dont make ISK?

From time to time we form groups to chase out neutral players that get into ours of other null sec space owned by the alliance.

We also have a sister corporation that takes part in EVE Faction warfare, so you can put an alt into there if you want to try something different.

But any pvp is completely optional.

We also just "hang out" from time to time on the teamspeak server, talking about over everyday real life.

Is 0.0 dangerous!?!?

Sometimes - but no more dangerous than being wardecced in highsec!

We are part of a big sovereignty holding alliance (called N3 Coalition), meaning we get the protection of the alliance and their many friends (known as blues).

we have lots of space systems where we can be relatively safe doing ratting/mining etc.

Of course eve nullsec is a dangerous place and you will ocassionaly see a few enemy gangs roaming. But Alliance fleets engage the big ones. As we aorp members are encourage to fight by joining alliance fleets.

Although nullsec can be dangerous place, if you take precausions, you can survive quite easilly.

Plus the amount of extra things you can do out in null makes up for it!

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