Welcome to the T.B.I Lottery results page.

Lottery period: April 2013

The Rules

We run this lottery every month.

Every non Corp leader char will automatically get a ticket in the lottery for every kill they get on the Tribe Killboard for that month.

There are three prizes given as Cash ISK:

1st place = 100 Mil isk

2nd place = 75 Mil isk

3rd place = 50 Mil isk

Any questions, contact 'Dez Ra' in game.

Ticket numbers allocated to the Top Killers for April 2013

Pilot Kills Lottery numbers
tashof 1. tashof 163 Not elligible (TBI Leader)
michaeldk2 2. michaeldk2 156 Not elligible (TBI Leader)
twanc 3. twanc 96 1-96
moimiir 4. moimiir 48 97-144
Dez Ra 5. Dez Ra 44 Not elligible (TBI Leader)
Liva Khardula 6. Liva Khardula 15 145-159
Imarti 7. Imarti 12 160-171
Devil Ish 8. Devil Ish 5 Not elligible (TBI Leader Alt)
Roninek 9. Roninek 4 172-175
Rhianna Kenny 10. Rhianna Kenny 1 Not elligible (Spy!!)

Winning tickets

Winning Tickets were picked using the EVEDice random number generator: here
Pilot Winning No. Prize
Twanc 1. Twanc 71 1st place - 100 Mil ISK
Twanc 2. Twanc 12 2nd place - 75 Mil ISK
Moimiir 3. Moimiir 115 3rd place - 50 Mil ISK

Congratulations to all the Winning PVP'ers

Your ISK prizes will be in your wallet soon.

See you all again for next months T.B.I lottery!! Keep flying unsafe! ;-)